Henry Worsley MBE

Henry and I have known each other since 1970 and so it is with deep personal sadness that I must announce his death on Sunday 24 January.

To see the rest of the Shackleton Foundation chairman's words, please follow this link to the News page.

Prepared for Henry Worsley's RGS lecture on 23rd April 2013, this 5-minute video describes the work of the Shackleton Foundation.

Narrated by Foundation trustee and Chairman Bill Shipton.

The Leadership Award

True to the spirit of Shackleton himself, we support leaders with high risk, but high potential. We look for long-lasting, far-reaching projects, with the potential to benefit young people in challenging circumstances.

We provide assistance with practical aspects of starting up a social venture. This includes seed-funding and a year of support from a dedicated mentoring team, with expert advice on maximising impact and building a sustainable business model.