The Shackleton Leadership Award

True to the spirit of Shackleton himself, we take calculated risks in supporting social entrepreneurs who demonstrate high potential and a vision to make a difference. They will have long-lasting, far-reaching projects with the potential to benefit disadvantaged young people in the UK.

We provide assistance with practical aspects of starting up a social venture. This includes seed-funding and a year of support from a dedicated mentoring team, with expert advice on maximising impact and building a sustainable business model.

Our New Logo

To mark our 10th anniversary we have designed a new logo. It features a reworking of one of the most iconic Shackleton images - the hauling of the lifeboat across the Weddell Sea.

The original photo was taken by Frank Hurley and shows one of the lifeboats, probably the James Caird, being hauled by the crew across the frozen sea ice.

It is often assumed that the man in the hat apparently overseeing the hauling is Shackleton, but in fact it is Frank Wild, his second in command. Shackleton is thought to be one of those on the ropes.

As an image it encapsulates all the qualities that we look for in our potential Shackleton Leaders: leadership by example, teamwork, endurance in the face of adversity and calculated risk taking.