The Shackleton Foundation supports aspiring Leaders and social entrepreneurs who seek to help disadvantaged and socially marginalised young people in the UK. These Leaders display many of Shackleton’s qualities such as leadership, resilience, inspiration, endurance and courage in trying to make the world a better place. The Foundation feels very strongly that it should support such pioneering individuals, to ensure their continued success in their quests. The Shackleton Leaders’ Forum was thus created in March 2015 as a means to enable our Leaders to hear speakers on a variety of relevant topics for a young social enterprise.

Each Forum comprises of a speaker discussing a topic relevant to early-stage social enterprises followed by a Q&A and networking. These are held in a hybrid format, based in London with an option to attend virtually. Leaders are requested to attend the forum for the first two years of their award. At every forum Leaders are also encouraged to network with and learn from each other, the speakers and the trustees – to share stories, challenges, resources and advice with each other.

Previous topics discussed include:

  • Fundraising for the charitable sector by Georgina Symons-Jones (Charities Aid Foundation)
  • What donors look for in an effective charity by Plum Lomax (Shackleton Foundation Trustee and Deputy Head of Funders, New Philanthropy Capital)
  • Emerging Themes in Social Entrepreneurship by Jerry Allen (Deputy Director of Enterprise)
  • Workshop on the theme of scaling a social business by Albert Masetti-Zannini (Strategy Director, Impact Hub)
  • An evening with Bertie Herrtage, a senior coach at on wellbeing and crowdfunding on a platform for social good
  • Covid-19 support and signposting of services by Rich Grahame (Leader/Founder of ‘We are Settle’)
  • Fundraising via zoom by Rosie Oldham (Head of Development at Streetwise Opera)
  • How do we build an intentionally equitable, inclusive and purposeful organisation by Letesia Gibson from Time for New Ways.

What some of our Leaders and Speakers have said:

“I was hugely inspired by your young leaders, as well as by your foundation’s vision.”

 “It was powerful to have a small group and the reflections of the trustees of the Shackleton Foundation. It came at a very pertinent time for me.. and I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend.”

” of the most valuable parts of being a Shackleton Leader. As well as meeting some of the country’s experts at the forefront of social innovation, the Forum gives us Leaders the opportunity to share best practice with one another and work through challenges together.”

 “..a great experience for me having the opportunity to chat to peers in a focussed, purposeful manner around tackling educational disadvantage. Particularly, the opportunity to chat with fellow leaders who face similar challenges and are in similar positions keeps your motivation high and has really helped solve some of our problems..”

” ..a wonderfully supportive community. It’s great to meet, share ideas and have discussions with so many other wonderful leaders and the advice and support we get from the Forum expert speaker sessions is outstanding.”

” .. Too often in the social enterprise / charity sector, those leading on innovative organisations and projects can feel that they are working by themselves to bring about social change. The forum allows those people to reconnect with one another breathing new life into each member and reminding them they are part of a much bigger machinery which is changing lives and communities for the better.”