John Harrison receives grant 13th May 2024

John Harrison is the founder of Solidarity Farm CIC and the latest recipient of a Shackleton Foundation grant. Solidarity Farm is an organisation formed to work in partnership with schools and organisations working with vulnerable children and young people, utilising farming practices and the natural environment to create a psychologically safe learning environment where relationships of trust are built, and individual transformation can take place. John began his career in farming, then moved into working for international development and homelessness organisations, he remains committed to the margins and believes that in these liminal spaces is where transformation takes place.

He holds a MA in International Development and an MBA but the learning he is most proud of is his level 3 forest school leader award. Solidarity farm is working with secondary schools through the Aspire program for those that struggle with mainstream education and has also been offering holiday camps for local young people eligible for free school meals. The Shackleton Leadership Award will support Solidarity Farm at an early stage in its journey to become established and develop further offers to support young people at risk of exclusion from education, while also providing a community of inspiring leaders that can support and provide challenge as Solidarity Farm grows a space in the local education and social enterprise ecosystem.