Phoebe Praill

Phoebe is the Co-Founder of The Bridging Project, an organisation which aims to ensure that students’ success at university is not determined by their socio-economic background.

Whilst universities have many support services in place, students most in need of this support are the least likely to reach out for it.  Phoebe’s project bridges the gap between school and university; levelling the playing field, so that all young people have an equal chance to succeed.

It was her experience as a teacher that led her to address the injustices faced by pupils who, against all the odds, gain a place an top universities only to face a multitude of challenges when getting there.  This is backed up by research which shows that students from low income backgrounds are up to twice as likely to drop out of university than their wealthier peers.  Beyond this, these students are less likely to achieve a good degree and will on average earn 25% less than those from higher income backgrounds.

By matching up undergraduates with professional coaches, students are able to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they would like to be.  The Bridging Project empowers young people to get the most from their university experience, reach their potential and gain meaningful employment.  The Shackleton Leadership Award will allow The Bridging Project to support 30 undergraduates attending top universities in September.

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