Lesley Parkinson

Lesley July 2012 005 (2)In 2012, Lesley founded the company ‘Restorative Thinking’, with the aim of making restorative justice and restorative approaches accessible and practical, with the outcomes for participants at the centre of the company’s ethos. The ‘Restorative Thinking Parenting Programme (Parenting without Conflict)’ has been selected by the Department for Education as part of the CANparent trial. Drawing on restorative approaches, the programme encourages parents/carers to think about what their child’s behaviour is communicating as an indication of unmet need and how to meet the needs. Restorative Thinking toolkits, training and wrap-around support (for facilitators) give participants the skills, knowledge and understanding to adopt restorative approaches as a key life skill, to strengthen relationships with others, problem-solve, take responsibility and resolve conflict. Lesley has been selected to receive a Shackleton Award to run a pilot project with two primary schools in Preston, Lancashire. Each school will receive training and support to deliver both the Restorative Thinking Parenting Programme and the toolkit for primary schools.

Award Date: July 2013

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