Julia Bengough

Julia BengoughJulia Bengough has been working in Mvumi, Tanzania for most of the last five years, teaching English and administering a sponsorship programme. Primary First is a project in rural Tanzania which supports teachers from a group of 20 primary schools who teach over 13,500 children between them. The grant from the Shackleton Foundation will allow Julia to build on this  important work. The opportunities to improve the quality of life in rural Tanzania are dependent on education.  These schools have scant resources and the teachers are expected to deliver the curriculum under the most challenging circumstances.  Education from Secondary school is in English.   The primary school teachers generally have a very low level of English themselves but are required to deliver English syllabus to intermediate level.  Lack of subject knowledge results in absenteeism and low morale amongst the teachers. Local education officials have been in discussion with Julia about the need for English courses for the teachers and Julia has been writing a course and developing hand-made materials since first piloting the project in March 2012.

Award Date: February 2012

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