Evie Keough

Evie is the Founder of Boromi, an early years subscription box service giving families more time to play, talk and be together at home. Getting it right in the early years is critical to improving future life outcomes and Evie launched Boromi in 2017 as an intervention to support the 1 in 2 children from low-income families who are starting school each year without the foundations they need to thrive and reach their potential. Research indicates that having a positive home learning environment during the first five years is one of the single biggest influences upon a child’s outcomes all the way to age 18, and Boromi is built around the belief that a child’s parents and home environment are their first and most important teachers.

Boromi is a programme that helps parents to provide a more learning focused, stimulating home environment. Through providing a borrowing service within early years settings, parents have free, regular access to a library of packaged activities that can be taken home; increasing parent knowledge, confidence and awareness whilst providing an opportunity to maximise upon limited time and resources.

After winning the 2017/18 Teach First Innovation Award, Boromi began piloting in late 2017. Now, with support from the Shackleton Foundation, Boromi will be able to grow in capacity and reach more children across the country.

Date of Award: January 2018


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