Christy Acton

Christy Acton is the Founder and Chief Executive of Standing Tall, a not-for-profit that matches people who have been through homelessness into stable jobs and safe homes.  Before setting up Standing Tall, Christy managed a night shelter in Birmingham and learned that a surprisingly high proportion of people coming off the streets are ready for stable work.  This is where the concept for Standing Tall began.  This year Standing Tall is helping 20 people in Birmingham to start and sustain a stable job with local responsible businesses as a means to move away from the streets for good.

Alongside a stable job, Standing Tall ensues the person has a safe home through their ‘Amici’ hosting service.  85% of the people Standing Tall helps are still off the streets and in the same job one year later.  The Shackleton Leadership Award is helping Christy to consolidate delivery in Birmingham and start operations in two new cities in 2022.



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