Shackleton Leader, Carina Millstone, celebrates 5th birthday of her project

The Shackleton Foundation gave a Leadership award to Carina Millstone to Launch the London Orchard Project. The project works with community groups across London, mapping, planting, nurturing, restoring, harvesting fruit trees. Through these urban orchards, Carina hoped to strengthen communities, improve well-being and build resilience – this year Carina will plant her 100th orchard in London.

In the past five years The London Orchard Project staff have shared their experiences at conferences across the UK, in Europe and the US, and have had hundreds of activists, community groups and local councils seeking advice, wishing to launch their very own urban community orchards. So, at their fifth birthday party in May 2014 The London Orchard Project re-launched as The Urban Orchard Project.

So, happy birthday to Carina and The London Orchard Project. We are so proud of what you have achieved, and we cannot wait to witness the success of The Urban Orchard Project throughout the country.

orchard 1