Trustee visits latest Shackleton Leader, Alanna O’Garro

Alanna O’Garro, Managing Director of Rivers Coaching. One of our trustees visited Alanna to see Rivers Coaching in action:

We have experienced 20 years of intense educational reform and our standards of education still do not match our international counterparts. Parents, teachers and children still have to battle through a minefield of finding an institution of education they deserve. This is because there is a lack of equity of education for children in Britain today.

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With over 90% of Britain’s children being educated in state schools, teachers are presented with a job that far extends teaching their subject. Low levels of literacy, low levels of numeracy, poverty, constraints of school budgets are just some of the factors that have a negative impact on teaching and learning, thereby leading to a disparity in education for those who achieve and those who do not.

Teachers are continuously pressured to meet the unrealistic demands of those that don’t stand in the classroom every day. They are left overworked, demoralized and disenchanted. Their professional development is neglected and not prioritized. CPD becomes a mere tick-boxing activity and rarely makes a difference in the classroom.

Rivers Coaching was established to support teachers, and continue the training process when in post, improving education.

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