Cause4’s My Antarctic Challenge

The Shackleton Foundation believes everyone has an ‘Antarctic’. ‘My Antarctic’ invites you to take on a personal fear or challenge. We have previously showcased the ‘My Antarctic’ challenges of our Trustees, Matthew (nude modelling) and Karen (spending a night on the streets), and our Ambassador Anton Oliver (performing with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra). Cause4 was the first company to take on a team challenge.

IMG_0346Armed with a picture of Shackleton and a map, the Cause4 team donned their walking boots to raise money for the Shackleton Foundation. The Cause4 ‘My Antarctic’ challenge was to complete Shackleton’s mission to the South Pole. The team started at the Shackleton statue at the Royal Geographical Society and finished at the ‘South Pole’ on the Great Map at the National Maritime Museum, stopping off at Burberry, Fortnum and Masons, and the Whisky Exchange along the way to ‘pick up’ his supplies.

The challenge provided a great opportunity for teambuilding, and for putting into practice Shackleton’s refusal to leave a team member behind. The team found that the importance of strong leadership really shone through when discussing the best way to navigate the way to each location. By working as a team on a fun activity outside of the office, different skills came to the forefront and the team bonded in a greater way than we would have done in the workplace.

Here’s what the team had to say about the challenge:IMG_0366

This was a really fun and interactive way to learn about Shackleton and the relevance his experience still has for the modern today – for example how important it is to have someone to take charge and provide leadership, and how much better it is when everyone sticks together to make sure no one gets left behind.’ – Zoe Dean, Development Coordinator.

I really enjoyed seeing bits of London I’ve never been to, as well as spending time with the rest of the Cause4 team (important since I’m relatively new to the organisation) and most importantly finding out more about Shackleton and what he did.’ – Katrina Black, Project Coordinator – Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme.

IMG_0361I learnt about Shackleton’s team spirit when the team didn’t abandon me when I was slowing them down!’ – Isabel Richards, Associate.

It was fun to be out of the office with the team for the day.’ – Sam Davis, Development Coordinator.

You can find out some more information about the Cause4 team challenge, and donate to their challenge here.

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