Shackleton leader, Lee Healey, launches free online budget planner

The Shackleton Foundation awarded Lee Healey with the Leadership award for his project, IncomeMAX. Lee Healey, a welfare benefits expert with many years’ experience in the welfare rights advice sector. IncomeMAX is a Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise that supports people in making sense of their benefits and tax credits entitlement. Its services help people to maximise income, move into work, minimise energy & water bill expenditure, maintain social wellbeing and find the right debt advice.

IncomeMAX have just launched the fantastic, MY IncomeMAX planner. MY IncomeMAX is a free, online budget planner help with the better management of personal finances.

The MY IncomeMAX planner is simple to use, fully customisable and 100% confidential.

MY IncomeMAX planner