150th Anniversary of Shackleton’s birth.

On the 15th February we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Shackleton’s birth.  The Shackleton Foundation was established in 2007 by the direct descendants of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1907/08 Nimrod expedition, to celebrate the legacy of this legendary polar explorer and great man.

We are a small charity who believe that excellent leadership, as epitomised by Shackleton, has the potential to create opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable, ultimately improving people’s lives and enabling them to reach their full potential.  

We look for individuals, often with lived experience, who display those same characteristics of courage and resilience, and who have a big, bold idea to help others.  Individuals who have long-lasting, far-reaching projects tackling key issues such as: youth offending, education and attainment, life skills and employability, community cohesion, and physical and mental health. Since 2007 we have distributed over £600,000 as Leadership Awards to 63 Leaders. 

We are proud to bear his name.

If you wish to become a Shackleton Leader please see our application form here. The deadline for the next round of applications is 29th April.