Sarah Gaunt receives grant 27th November 2023

Sarah is the Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Girls CIC.  Unstoppable Girls CIC empowers and inspires teenage and young adult females with ADHD to create the life they choose. Sarah is a professionally qualified youth worker with 30 years experience of working with young people. She has always worked with SEND young people and has been passionate about supporting females.  She even studied youth work with young females whilst getting her youth work degree.

Sarah has always felt different from other people throughout her whole childhood.  In her career, she has completed a lot of training around autism and was aware she displayed more autistic traits than others, even though she didn’t have a diagnosis.  When she was asked to prepare a course for parents whose children were waiting for an ADHD diagnosis, she started to research ADHD and found out she had ADHD.  She now knew why she had felt so different all of her life. She also understood why she found certain things complicated, which others find easy.

Realising that ADHD in females is so misunderstood and so poorly recognised, Sarah started Unstoppable Girls CIC to be a place for those who have ADHD to meet others, to feel less isolated, to understand their ADHD and to see the strengths and the skills they have to be able to create the life they want.  This youth project provides youth groups to enable young females with ADHD to come together and meet and do fun things. They work in schools to raise awareness of ADHD, deliver courses to allow young women to understand their ADHD and work out strategies to help them achieve what they want to achieve.

The money from the Shackleton Foundation will help Sarah develop the online courses that will enable Unstoppable Girls to meet young people from a wider area than where they currently work. The classes will also generate income for Unstoppable Girls CIC, allowing them to provide even more youth groups.