Dan Dodge Receives Grant 12th June 2023

Dan Dodge founded Sports 4 Change with the ambition to use sport to have a positive impact on individuals through improved health, social connection, employability and experiences. Dan has worked in grassroots and community sport since 2013 and has been fortunate to work in countries including USA, India and Singapore using sport for positive social impact.

In 2022 he decided to create the organisation to harness the power of sport to transform lives, an create opportunities and pathways to inspire young people to develop themselves and gain life enhancing experiences through sport. ‘Every kick counts’ aims to support young people develop key interpersonal skills to support employability through a sports based curriculum to engage and inspire the participants to consider sports as a career option and support them to make positive steps to gaining experience and life experience through sport.

The Shackleton Leadership Award will enable Dan to run 3 pilot projects in collaboration with different types of organisation (School, Community organisation and a football club) to demonstrate the impact that the project can have across different sectors that support young people, develop a team to assist with the delivery of the sessions and enhance the project learning curriculum to ensure a lasting impact.