Inderpreet Sira Receives Grant 1st February 2021

Indy is the Founder and CEO of Voices of Colour, a social enterprise which provides a transformative digital skills and community action programme for young women from diverse backgrounds between the ages of 15 to 25. Voices of Colour provides them with the platform and necessary tools to make a meaningful change within their communities, along with gaining both practical and soft skills to support them to reach their aspirations. They partner with community organisations and housing associations to ensure that they are reaching young people who would not otherwise be aware of such a programme existing within their local communities. The programme has been co-developed with young people who continue to embed their insights into the overall design within it. 

As every aspect of how communities’ function has become digital, the need to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access support that aids both their education and employment journey is vital. Voices of Colour recognises the importance of creating a culture, which supports both their personal development and career journey, as they begin to discover themselves.