Lynette Nabbosa Receives Grant 4th February 2019

Lynette is a Business Lecturer, with a background in financial inclusion.  In her previous role as a Financial Project Officer, she trialled the implementation of behavioural economics into financial inclusion services for young housing social housing tenants.  Many of her clients were care leavers, young parents, those with mental health needs and young people in need of a second chance in life.  Through this project, she found that psychological techniques could be used to ‘nudge’ people into making better economic decisions to improve their livelihoods. With influence from this project, Lynette developed the Moving in app to help young social housing residents to take control of their financial security and avoid homelessness. The app is a one stop for support in understanding bills and rent letters, finding out about grants, discounts and benefits for financial support and interacting with housing officers. The app provides a win-win solution for social landlords, who can save costs on chasing rent, court costs and eviction proceedings.