Shackleton’s Diary

As part of year 9’s geography project at the Purbeck school in Wareham, Dorset last year, Kirsty Patterson, 14, imagined that she was Sir Ernest Shackleton during his famous Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition (often known as the Endurance Expedition).

With 19 separate entries covering the expedition’s remarkable 1914-16 story, Kirsty reproduced what she imagined might have been Shackleton’s diary, which is illustrated with diagrams, Shackleton’s famous advertisement (from the times) and copies of original photographs.
Commenting on the eight week school project, her Geography teacher, Mike Vavrecka (who retires this year) said “I don’t think I have ever seen such a wonderful piece of work in 35 years of teaching. it is so beautifully presented and shows such imagination”.

It was Mike’s idea to share Kirsty’s work with the Shackleton foundation and we are thrilled that he did. Click the pages below to view.


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